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Sitting In The Smoking Lounge Of An Airport With A Broken Heart

We might as well talk about things on the news
Maybe the weather 'cause its always true
We've got nothing left we can do.

We might as well talk about anything
Doesn't really matter, I'm sure you'll agree
We don't stand on common ground.

We might as well talk, talk about you
And all the brilliant things that you do
Is that what you really want me to do?

I try so hard to talk really soft
When everyone's talking way too loud
I don't understand
When I saw that man walking on by
Just to see you
We sat and we watched you sing all your songs
Secretly hoping that we'd sing along
But there's nothing left we can learn.

And in the event you left me sitting
In the smoking lounge of an airport
I'll write you a letter and send it away
You left me sitting in the smoking lounge
Of an airport
I was falling down
Anywhere right now
Anyone but you
Why do I turn into such a dumb wreck
Every time that you ??
I'll break your ??
Whiskey and coffee ??
Just fine talking about the way that
I'll break your ??
(Bring down the drums a little bit.)