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You Should Be Hated Here

They're all surrounding.
We're both hoping.
Failing slowly.
Attempting one thing to stand up
With dignity
To walk away.

(Never thought I could do anything right, didn't mean to say that you were wrong.)

Do the time to prove it all.
The new lines
Wrapped my eyes around
The scars upon my head
Were only meant to spell apologies.

(This night is guaranteed to all turn black
With memories that haunt the past.)

There's a ten point deer that someone said was impossible to find
Until you find it on the freeway standing stupid looking blind.

I'm only here to fall apart.
You've been angry from the start.
But I know these trainwrecks happen all the time.

Everything no one knows
You should be hated here by now.
This was the prettiest lie that I told tonight.
It's been the prettiest lie that I told all year.
The unmade bed inside the room
Where I don't feel comfortable at all
Where blankets stare at me for hours
And I stare right back so self righteously.

(It could be now.
And I don't feel proud.
I'm so sorry now.
I'm sorry now.)

And it all comes down to composure that's been lost.
When it all comes down to composure that's been lost.