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All Apologies and Smiles, Yours Truely, Ugly Valentine

So they're all gone now
That took a long time
You're the only one
Who'd be my valentine
I didn't want that
To drive you crazy
I should've done something
I guess I'm lazy
Feeling down low now
Someone tell me what I should do
'Cause I've never been perfect
But I never meant to drag down you so
If I'm dragging you down now
I could wait in the lost and found
Just promise me you'll be perfect
And I promise that I'll come around sometimes
To say hello all smiles.

Maybe it's time to let go
Probably doesn't even weigh that much now
So I'll drop it
I'll turn around fast
I'll shake your hand and take
Six steps back
We'll have a seat and light another cigarette
We'll have a drink for nothing to regret
We'll clap our hands when
When we hear that sound
We won't be sad now
We won't be feeling down
We could live or die
And have a great time
I'll be your valentine
What an ugly valentine
We could live or die
And have a great time
You'll be my valentine
What a perfect valentine
We could live and die
Be my valentine.